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What is Nail Fungus?

Fungus lives underneath the nail bed because it provides a safe place for the fungus and protects it while it grows.

Over 35 million people in the US get this fungus which often causes the area around the base of the nail to become red and irritated. As it spreads, the nail and nail bed can turn to a yellow-green or dark yellow-brown discoloration.
The nails may become thick and develop lines and cracks.

Nail fungus can be contagious and spread from person to person because the organism can live where the air may be moist and people’s feet are bare. This can happen in places such as shower stalls, gym locker rooms, bathrooms, or pools.
Many of the treatment remedies available on the market include ingredients that can have other side effects and may be harmful to your liver and kidneys.

It can be treated 100% NATURALLY with...FUNGUSWACKER5000.

A simple-to-apply topical cream and powder made of 100% natural ingredients that work to clear up this unsightly problem. Developed and patented by noted Naturopath and Master Herbalist, Dona Garofano the product has been used successfully now for over 10 years.

“Funguswacker5000 will treat the toughest nail-fungus 100% naturally, and it will help to loosen the hardened nail in order for the old fungal spores to be removed more completely.  This will greatly decrease and discourage any chances of a fungal reoccurrence.”